Boost Immunity with Dietary Supplements & Exercise: The Ultimate Health Hack!

Boost Immunity with Dietary Supplements and Exercise: The Ultimate Health Hack

If there is one good takeaway from the pandemic, it is the fact that it has shifted focus to well-being. Something that was thought of as only a luxury or a pastime has now become a necessity. The factor of immunity, which was not considered unless a doctor advised, has now become an absolute necessity for everyone.

At the start of the pandemic, people started searching for various ways to boost their immunity. Some tried home soups, others went for herbal teas, and yet others shot up the level of their fruit intake. However, as the pandemic prolonged, it became important to look for sustainable lifestyle changes to stay healthy in these testing times.

At TSK, we advise you to look at a combination of supplements and exercise. If you can integrate these two into your lifestyle, you don’t need to worry about being immune to diseases, whether season or something unprecedented like Covid. Overall, your first line of defense in this context must be to develop a healthy lifestyle. Disciplined meals, timely sleep, and regular exercise, as clichéd as these sound, do wonders when it comes to making you stronger and putting up brave resistance to diseases.

Let us talk about the supplements first. There is no dearth of supplements to add to your daily diet. If you be wise to choose the supplements that your body needs and combine them with your daily healthy diet, the results will soon be visible. But don’t just hop on to supplements without expert advice. This is a decision that either your doctor or your personal fitness trainer should take for you.

Once you get into the routine of eating healthy and supplementing your food with needed nutrition, you can develop an exercise routine. You don’t need to spend 6 hours a day in a gym or get on to fierce marathon routines—just a moderately energetic lifestyle that includes 30-45 minutes of cardio of your liking, or 1 hour of regular strength training, including cardio, would do the trick. Exercise is known to alter the antibodies and help boost the white blood cells, which in turn helps the body fight viruses and stay immune to diseases.

With the right combination of exercise and supplementation, you can build resistance to diseases and lead a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.

For elaborate consultation on both exercising regimes and wholesome diet plans, you can contact us. With our experience and expertise, we offer tailor-made plans that are designed, keeping in mind the different lifestyle and environmental factors that affect your immunity.

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